It’s about time I started blogging!

I’ve been threatening to start a blog for a while. Now is the time.

The rate at which Microsoft are continuing to release new products and services is continuing to increase. I used to spend the majority of my days working with Windows Server. Blogs have been a key learning resource and are a great help when troubleshooting particular issues. Often I would research a subject or issues, learn how to do something once and that was it for the next few years.

I am now spending an increasing amount of time working with Microsoft Azure.  I’m increasingly working with technologies that are have only been in the wild for a matter of days if not hours and there is much less documentation out on the internet. It seems that no sooner than I have learnt how to do something that knowledge is out of date.

By blogging I hope to document some of my experiences with the latest and greatest technologies. I expect most of the content to be out of date within weeks but hopefully the core concepts often hold true and assist others in the way that other peoples blogs have helped me.

I have been here before, blogged for a few months and run out of steam. Hopefully this time given the constant stream of potential content I will last longer. I would urge everyone that knows me to give me a prod if things go quiet!



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