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Deploy a Kubernetes Service on Azure with IP address that is in a different resource group to the cluster

When a service is deployed to Kubernetes we often need to specify a static IP address. This means that if the service gets recreated it retains the same IP. By default when you deploy a service in Kubernetes on Azure that static IP address must reside in the same resource group as the cluster nodes. This causes a couple of potential problems: If you delete an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster then the cluster resource group (starts MC_) gets deleted and can lose the IP address in the resource group. If need to reassign the IP address to a different cluster…
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Enforcing Network Policies using kube-router on AKS

Corporate security policy often requires the flow of traffic to be restricted between between Kubernetes pods. This is similar to how switch access control lists restrict traffic between physical servers. This functionality Kubernetes the traffic flow is configured using network policies. There are a number of projects that support network policy enforcement. The majority require a specific network plugin to be deployed. As the Azure Kubernetes Service is a managed service we do not have the flexibility to choose the network plug in that is deployed. The default is kubenet, or if using advanced networking AKS uses the Azure CNI…
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Deploying a Kubernetes service on Azure with a specific IP addresses

Deploying a Kubernetes service on Azure with a specific IP addresses Each time a Kubernetes service is created within an ACS or AKS cluster a static Azure IP address is assigned. If an IP address exists in the resource group that is not assigned to a service this will be used, otherwise a new address is requested. This means if a service is deleted and recreated it is not guaranteed to get the same IP address. Should you wish to configure the service to always receive the same IP address the load balancer can be provisioned to use a specific…
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