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Retrieving and using Azure Container Registry credentials in an Azure Resource Manager Template

I recently created a set of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates ( https://github.com/marrobi/RancherOnAzure/ ) to simplify the deployment of Rancher ( http://rancher.com/rancher/ ) to Azure. Rancher is an Open Source container management platform –  https://github.com/rancher/rancher. Rancher offers the facility to…
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Configuring WinRM over HTTPS to enable PowerShell remoting

Note: After making this post I created some additional posts describing how to automate this process further using PowerShell. The final post in the series is here: http://www.techdiction.com/2016/02/12/powershell-function-to-enable-winrm-over-https-on-an-azure-resource-manager-vm/ which includes a function to carry out the below without the need to…
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