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Reducing unplanned work

Through the duration of my career, projects have brought about some of my most stressful days.   Earlier this year I read The Phoenix Project ( http://itrevolution.com/books/phoenix-project-devops-book/ ). This book has been mentioned at pretty much every DevOps event I've attended. One part of the book that resonated with me was the discussions around "unplanned work".  The past ten years of my life would have been so different if I had never had to deal with unplanned work.   Sometimes things go wrong – which leads to unplanned work. Some unplanned work is hard to avoid, such as power failures,…
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DevOps Days London Hackathon Prep – Stepping out of my comfort zone.

DevOps Days London is fast approaching. The main conference runs from Tuesday 19th – Wednesday 20th April 2016, however, on Thursday 21st April there is a one day Hackathon which Microsoft is supporting. From the DevOps Days London website:  "This isn’t a traditional Hackathon, we are looking to test the principles of DevOps against the clock and at the same time attempt to build a production quality Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that could facilitate the giving of small (micro) donations to a variety of charities so easy it becomes a way of life. The concept is to create a facility…
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Introduction to Azure Resource Manager Templates for the IT Pro

The Problem Conflict between software development teams and IT operations is familiar to many of us. As IT professionals we are often faced with support tickets for applications that are: Sluggish Don’t install Randomly stop working This could happen randomly, or more commonly occurs after an application update. Have you ever escalated an issue to the application developers or vendor and had a reply the lines of “You have installed it incorrectly” or “Your hardware is incorrectly configured? It a situation that I have been in a number of times in the past and the resolution to the conflict is often a…
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